A friendly talk with you from Rachel, the founder of HoroscopeFarsi

Many people ask me how I found out that Astrology is my life path. The thing is, for instance when I graduated high school an d wanted to go to college, I didn’t know there was such a thing called Astrology, and it was never a thing that crossed my mind. A lot of us think that our future and our life path is the subject we decide to study in college, and that we should stay in that career path for ever. But the truth is that through the different stages of our lives, we understand our own interests, potentials, and capabilities much better, and if we focus on them, they can be the lantern that lights our path. I graduated from Medical School. While studying and communicating with my patients, I noticed my that my energy made my patients feel peaceful, and might have had healing capabilities for the soul. And not just me, but all the personnel and my classmates noticed the calmness of the patients after I hung out with them, and right then and there I found that these patients talked to me and shared with me things they’d never shared with anyone. They trusted me, and my presence there gave them peace of mind. That’s when I found out that by talking to others, my words had healing capabilities for the soul, and from then on, I’d become conscious of this capability of mine, and always tried to use it to help others when the opportunity presented itself. Throughout life, I came across different masters of energy and the metaphysical, and I didn’t ignore my interests and started to learn from those masters. I remember that the first time I saw a quarts stone was in the first session of my Reiki class, and I found the I can feel the energy of a stone when I hold it in my hand. So in every step of the way through life I started to know more of my potentials. After learning Reiki, I became passionate about Massage Therapy, and I didn’t ignore that either, and learned many different types of massages such as Thai, Swedish, Chinese, etc.. and after I learned them, I combined them with Reiki, and through that I got familiar with the sensitive points of the body from the ancient Chinese science of Acupuncture. I professionally studied this as well, and just like this I went deeper and deeper to the healer realm of my soul. But of course this is a long journey and I’m only telling you parts of it so that you’ll understand that the different things that you come across throughout your life can help you blossom more and more, if you pay attention to them. So, my entrance to the realm of Astrology wasn’t due to a sudden decision overnight, but throughout this slow step by step journey that took many years, I got to know different dimensions of my soul, potentials, and capabilities, and throughout all of this journey, different masters of the metaphysical and masters of different religions, masters of yoga, psychics, and then different teachers of Astrology, all have come across me, without me actively seeking them. But I didn’t ignore them. I didn’t ignore things that intrigued me. At first I started studying Astrology through books and articles on the internet. And then went to different Astrology schools and studied with different masters. After learning general Astrology, I got more interested about Evolutionary Astrology, and started researching and studying Evolutionary Astrology. I want you all to know that Astrology is a never ending science and you’ll never be able to stop learning in this field. Welcome to Astrology.


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