From an Astrological point of view, Earth goes through different ages, all of which have effects on civilizations, the creation of language, what gods we worship, and politics.

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What We Do In HoroscopeFarsi

Astrological advice ,daily and weekly horoscope videos, Spiritual daily messages, group meditations, podcasts, practical ways to raise our positive vibrations... these are only some of HoroscopeFarsi community activities to build a new world from love, light and awareness

About HoroscopeFarsi

"Just like on Earth there’s an international language, the universe also have a common language and Astrology is the key to unlocking that language" HoroscopeFarsi' is an Astrology brand and registered company by Rachel, the pioneer of Tropical Astrology in Iran. 'HoroscopeFarsi' was created in 2015. Even though Iran has a rich history of Astrology, the Tropical system of Astrology was totally unknown there, because all Astrology schools taught Vedic Astrology. Rachel from HoroscopeFarsi' made Iranians familiar with Tropical Astrology and also Evolutionary Astrology which is a more advanced version. Although Rachel first started her activities for Farsi speakers, overtime her audience grew worldwide and her message is the universal message of love, light and peace. She is the messenger of the Aquarius age, the age of equality, freedom, and unity. Because Astrology is beyond borders and a a universal language, 'HoroscopeFarsi' bases it’s foundation on breaking through walls and going beyond the skies. Join Rachel on this Uranian journey of love and light through the Age Of Aquarius.

What my clients say

Testimonials of my astrology consultancies are listed here. To protect the privacy of individuals, some names have been withheld/changed per their request. All other information is accurate and can be independently verified. All these testimonials can be available as references upon request.

My astrology consultation with Rachel

When my husband and I found Rachel, we were so desperate about our life situation that we were not able to make any decisions. My career was going downhill and my husband had terrible anxiety about his debts. But Rachel helped us to find our life path and she showed us some blockages that we were not aware of . So we tried to solve those issues and we learnt to choose our heart's path. I always recommend her to all my friends. Thank you Rachel. Roxan from LA. USA

.I am a double Gemini and It's a very difficult task for me to focus on what's important in my life, maybe because I'm afraid of facing my fears once and for all . Thank you so, very much for providing me with clarity, for uncovering my fears and for making me face them in a gentle yet completely undeniable way. Roya.,Washington, DC

You are wonderful Rachel and I truly appreciate your insight and advice. I felt so happy when we finished our session because you opened my eyes to many "truths" that I had tried to denied for a lifetime. Rosa,. San Diego, CA

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